Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October Wednesday! Favorite costumes ever.

I am a nut for making my kids halloween costumes ever year. I wanted to share all my favorites with ya'll. Harley was Frankenstein when he was 3 yrs. old and everyone loved this homemade version of a classic.
Halloween Costume: Frankenstein
Materials: Plastic gallon milk jug; craft knife; hot- glue gun; 2 milk jug caps; green spray paint; garden gloves; scissors; black sweatpants; paintbrush; red; black T-shirt; ½ yard of burlap fabric or felt; long-sleeve green shirt; green socks ;2 Kleenex boxes; 2 yards of heavy jute twine; green facepaint
1. For headpiece, cut off top of milk jug, just below handle. Cut each side of jug bottom so it fits on top of childs head.
2. Glue caps to sides of headpiece.
3. Paint headpiece and gloves green; let dry
4. Cut about 3 inches of material from bottom of each leg of sweatpants. Cut fringe on one edge of this excess fabric to make hair. Glue hair to top of headpiece.
5. Paint red scar on headpiece; let dry.
6. Fray bottom of legs of sweatpants and sleeves of T-shirt.
7. To make tunic, fold burlap in half; cut hole in center of folded edge to fit child’s head. Pull threads from all edges of burlap.
8. About 15 inches down from folded edge, cut small holes in front and back of tunic on each side.
9. Dress child in sweatpants, green shirt, black T- shirt, socks and shoes. Put burlap tunic on child; thread twine through holes on sides and tie in front or back.
10. Paint child’s face green. Place headpiece on head.
11. Paint 2 kleenex boxes black, before putting on shoes place feet through top of boxes, then put shoes on feet, gives the effect of square feet.

I promise this is a head turning costume and lots of fun. Tune in next week for another costume idea.