Ok, So this is suppose to be my big introduction. Well, it goes a little something like this......My name is Christy and I the middle sissy, I'm 32 and I can get alittle pissy. I have two kids, a husband and a job, and every Wednesday I'm taking over this blog. So stick around, there is more to see from me and my sisters and our family tree.
I hope you rapped along with my little rhythm. Just a little showcase of what's to come.
  •  I am 32
  •  I have 2 kids Desiree and Harley
  •  I have a husband Russell
  •  I am a nurse
  • I am also a hairstylist for the past 12 years
  • And I love all things fashion, beauty and entertainment
 I'll keep you posted!

And this is my family.