Hi! I am the baby sister and this blog was my brilliant idea!! I thought it would be great for my sisters and I to showcase our southern talents. We all know southern girls can do anything!
So I guess you want to know a little about I go!
I graduated high school in 2001 and started college and actually finished in 4 years with a degree in Special Education and Early Childhood Education. When I graduated in 2005, I married my high school sweetheart Nick. Yes, some how the good lord helped us survive all of high school and college and still get married. I love that man with all my heart! I still get butterflies in my stomach when we comes home from work. He is a keeper! We enjoyed several years just being newlyweds. I worked as a Special Education teacher for 3 years and later moved to regular ed. 5th grade. I truly found my passion and I LOVE going to work every day! In 2009, we welcomed our newest family member Andrew into our lives. He changed us and we couldn't imagine life without him. We recently added an addition to our small starter home and are loving all the space we have. I also just finished my Master's in Early Childhood education and I am ready for life to slow down a bit. I doubt that is going to happen.We live very busy lives and I hope I can share some of our adventures.

I will be posting on Tuesdays about...crafting, books, kids, organization, and whatever else comes to my mind

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