Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flash Dance and off the shoulder T-shirts

It's me... CHRISTY and if you read my bio you know I am not your typical southern lady. I can be off the wall and way out of the box. But hey you got to love me. Today's blog is going to bring you joy and entertainment. If you are looking for a fun way to spend time with your family and move your body, I have just the thing for you. It's called Dance Central on the Xbox Kinect
.Dance Central boxart.png
  My kids love the fact that they get to see mama and daddy get down on our living room dance floor.  And yes ladies my husband participates in the dance competition. When I say competition I mean it's some serious business. And boy do I have proof......I hope to God my husband don't see this on here.

See what fun you can have and your kids will love the time spent with you.

I am also going to do a little tutorial on how to recycle your plain Jane t-shirt in a brand new stylish off the shoulder masterpiece. 
  1. Grab an old t-shirt, I used one of my husband's
  2. Lay out shirt on surface, making sure all seams match up
  3. At the neck of the shirt use scissors to cut around the collar of the shirt, I made one side further over than the other to cause the off the shoulder effect.
  4. Then cut the sleeves to the length you like, I cut about 11/2 inches off
  5. And because most t-shirts are made longer, cut the bottom of the t-shirt off.
Here's a little tip: Cut small amounts off at a time because you can always cut more off but you can't add.
This is the one I made.

Well, folks hope this little ditty gave you some ideas.

Next week : I'll talk with you about petticoats, big hair and Nascar. Until then


Carrie said...

lol Russell is getting down love the shirt Brinsley will love it too!!!

Southern Sisters said...

Yeah he loves that video,lol. The t-shirt did turn out good, I thought

Southern Sisters said...

That video is too funny!!! Love the shirt idea!

Bridget said...

That video is too cute!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today because I love meeting new blog friends. This blog is a neat idea, and I'll be going to visit your personal blogs as well :)

claudia b said...

I have the zumba dvd but not that one, looks like fun :D