Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seeing Green

I have been going spray paint crazy lately! If you have followed my personal blog you would know that I have recently added on a whole first floor to our home. We are loving it and I am enjoying getting to decorate new spaces. We have a lot of brown, tan, and white going on and I have been dying to add more color. I decided to add some green in the living room and dining room. Spray paint was the obvious choice! So easy!
First I spray painted two vases. They were standard vases that you get from florist. I think I have 4!
This is what it looked like at first…
DSC05593(rev 1)
After a very quick coat of white!
DSC05594(rev 1)
For now it is in our Dining Room!
DSC05617(rev 1)DSC05618(rev 1)
I painted another one moss green and fell in love with the color.
DSC05605(rev 1)
It found a home on one of our bookshelves in the Living Room…
DSC05634(rev 1)
Notice the other splash of green? I had these votive candle holders from Southern Living and thought they would be easy to change…
DSC05595(rev 1)DSC05611(rev 1)
Then on to the candle holders…There are 2 of these on our mantle and they turned out so good!
DSC05599(rev 1)DSC05598(rev 1)
This is not a very good picture, but they are lovely in person! HA! I just need to get white candles and the look will be complete.DSC05612(rev 1)
The I had so many black iron pieces in our original house and I needed a change! This scrolly thing was painted black and placed in the kitchen. Again I was unable to get any good pictures b/c of the bright lights, but it is my FAVORITE!

DSC05601(rev 1)DSC05602(rev 1)DSC05622(rev 1)
I hope you enjoyed this little spray painting adventure!! Come back next Tuesday for fun with wine corks!!


Meg said...

Great job! Love how you're using stuff you already have, it's even more green :)

Southern Sisters said...

great job love the green

Amy Cluck said...

Good ideas. I used to have a ton of those vases lying around! Would have been a cool project for them.

Southern Sisters said...

Inspiration! I am loving it.

dana @ wonder forest said...

nice! you went spray paint crazy! haha. everything looks great though! and I would loveeee having a second floor put on and getting to decorate all over again!
xox dana

Miki's scrapbook said...

I love the green vase; it looks awesome! And how cool of you to have a blog with your sisters! Funny thing, tomorrow we're launching a blog I'm running together with 2 friends! :)

Hi, Carrie's sisters! ;D

Anonymous said...

What a great shade of green! Love it! Keep the inspiration coming!