Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feather me crazy!

My new must have of the season are......wait for it......FEATHER HAIR EXTENSIONS! And who of all people turned me on to this trendy idea....My wonderful mother, who just had a birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Anyway, the more I see of these feathery hair pieces the more I want to partake. The extensions are available world wide in salons but I have decided I am going to DIY it. I love the organic appeal they have. They are easy to do yourself, no glue. Just pick your destination, place a strand of your hair through the mircobead, place the feather extension in microbead with the strand of hair, clamp the bead and that's it.  I ordered my extension from a website I found this is the combination I chose.

They have many different choices for every ones taste. I haven't got them yet but I am standing by the door waiting for the FedEx guy. As soon as i get them I will take a pic. These are my inspirational pics:

  I hope all ya'll are as inspired to try something different.
Have a Great Thursday!


Southern Sisters said...

did you ever see Brinsley's she got at the beach it was cute.

I want one :)

Miki's scrapbook said...

Awe, I got one feather extension on Etsy and I love it :p. I haven't been wearing much, though; and I thought it was more of a summer accessory, but I guess there's no season for it, right? Hehe.

Hope you have a great week! And thanks a lot for your comment ;).