Thursday, September 15, 2011

 Meet Melissa the cutest blogger ever from
 Hi! Here it is:

A bit about myself!
Hello lovely readers! It is so exciting to be doing my first ever sort of guest post. I blog over at my own blog: Contemporary Dancing so come and say hello. I’m just a creative teenager suffering from school! However,  I’ve brightened up my life with dance and my beautiful friends! My blog is based on dancing and includes some of the struggles an aspiring dancer like me has to face. I grew up with dancing and currently study Contemporary at The Edge. My idol would have to be Bethany Rose Harrison and then probably Martha Graham for her amazing Graham technique which she gave Contemporary and it is used worldwide! Blogging, socialising and dancing are my life and I couldn’t part without them! J

 Why did you start a blog in the first place?

I started blogging because I love both writing and dancing so I tried to combine the two. It was hard at first because I didn’t know where to start but I feel I have now found my feet! All I want is for my readers to enjoy! J

What are your hobbies?
Well apart from the obvious dancing, there is also listening to music and socialising. I feel I can connect and relate to music a lot and at the moment I am obsessed with ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction-they’re great! I also love going shopping with my besties and also going to discos and parties! Fun, fun, fun!! J

Favourite book or magazine?
Well my favourite book has to be by the Beautiful Darcey Bussell, heard of her? It is her autobiography and is called ‘Life In Dance’ and is amazing! Hoping to do a book review on it later in the year! J

Favourite guilty pleasure?
Oh that would have to be shopping! I am very much into fashion and love going shopping with my best friend Jen. On my birthday, me and her went shopping two days in a row-now that’s what I call heaven! Well I have to go now guys but I hope you come and pop round and just say hi. Looking forward to hearing from you all and thanks Southern sisters for having me once again! J

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Southern Sisters said...

thanks for the being on our blog!

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Your welcome! I really enjoyed it! xxx