Thursday, September 8, 2011

Featured Blogger of The Week

 Today we are featuring Becky from Strumpets Crumpets
 How long have you been blogging, and why did you start in the first place?
I had to actually look! Since 2008! That's crazy! I didn't realize it had been so long! I think I started blogging because I honestly wanted to see if I could do it! I want to share my craft ideas and blogging seemed like the best way to do that! It's been so so much funny! I've met AMAZING people through blogging!

How long have you been crocheting, and where did you learn?
I made my first (very wonky) granny square in Oct. 2009! I asked my grandma to teach me but she had forgot how, so I googled it haha I watched youtube videos a zillion times before I finally got it! The best way to learn to crochet is by watching someone else right next to you show you step by step!

Besides crocheting what are other crafts you enjoy?
Oh gosh! Can I select a D. All of the above! ? haha I love sewing, quiltingembroidery, painting, paper crafts, and it just goes on and on! 

Where do you get your inspirations?
Everywhere! Old postcards are great for color inspiration! Oh I'm now obsessed with Pinterest! It's amazing! 

Favorite guilty pleasure?
Eating a whole thing of Ben and Jerry's in one sitting! :) 
Some others are plucking my eye brows haha and Starbucks - I drink way too much! 

And of course tell us about that cute doggy of yours
Oh my Mickey! He seriously is my little sunshine! He's rotten to the core, but he's also as sweet as can be! I never thought I'd be a crazy dog person and now I totally am! 

I LOVE your sister blog!! So much! I wish my sister would blog with me! She's so clever and crafty - maybe one day! I know gals will do an awesome job with this blog! Carrie I've "known" you since I started blogging - you've always done a wonderful job! And your family is amazing! 
Thank you for having me on the new blog!! It was an honor! :)

Thank you so much Becky!!!!

Carrie, Christy and Robyn
The Southern Sisters


Carrie said...

Thanks again Becky!!!

louisianaborn said...

How neat! I love the brilliant colors.

Southern Sisters said...

Thanks so much, Becky