Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Highlights for Dummies

For today's beauty tid bit I will let all my friends in on a top style secret....Highlights are for everyone! Shocking I know. Maybe you already knew that but you haven't bit the bullet because your just not sure what color will go best with your hair color or you have tried highlights and felt like the color wasn't right for you.( Prime example: Pepe Le Pew)
So here my tips:

Redheads= a nice champagne blond highlight with a medium golden brown low lights
and don't go to overly bright with the red. Go for an amber tone as the base.
 Image Detail

Medium brown= Give your hair a enhancement with a sheer gold highlight. Blending is key for a natural effect that will save you endless trips to the salon. Less is More.
Image Detail

Chestnut browns=Ribbons of a wine red will illuminate your deep natural brown color. 
Image Detail

Ok, Blonds not leaving you out.

Image DetailBlonds= Best to highlight with a sandy or beige tone, 2nd highlight lightest blond tone with a caramel dark blond/lightest brown base.

*Bonus tip= Highlights and lowlights should go with the color flakes in your eyes. If you have gold flakes use golden tones, if you have amber flakes uses more red tones.

Hope this has helped you move away from your fear and toward the New World of  3-dimensional hair color. See ya next week..

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Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

Hi Carrie! Thanks for visiting today. The nail polish color I was wearing was Sally Hensen INSTRA-DRY in Blue Strack #12. I got it at the beginning of summer at Target :)